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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  June 13, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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llapse. >> a bet against bonds. >> just watch out for that. we don't know what direction that's going to take. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. keep it here. the number one business block continues. >> is there a war on cops in america? this cop resigned after a firestorm of finger-pointing, but others worry when you add it to this and this and this we have to ask, if cops are worried about doing their jobs what happens next? hi everyone. welcome to "cashin in. our cashin in crew this week. duane rogers michelle jonathan. also joining us our famous liberal and liberal carry-in and juan williams. welcome, everybody. jonathan what does this say about police officers? what do you say to cops and bad guys in the country when a cop like that has to resign? >> well let's look. the video is disturbing but
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broadly speaking it really doesn't mean much. a picture is not an argument. the fact is that police work is incredibly vital and incredibly notable. these are the people that protect individual rights. i think what you are seeing here is a difficult leftist anti-police, anti-american -- the average policeman does not hate black people. the average black person doesn't hate black people. this is just -- for that we should thank the police, not the police protest. >> you know why i opened the show is there a war on cops? it seems like the bad guys are getting involved. cops are under pressure. i'm going to step it up a little bit. >> cops are much appreciated and politically powerful. almost nobody would go against police.
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>> for me the biggest issue on that whole video wasn't the fact that he was rough with some of the kids. look if that happens, that's police work. shouldn't have happened in my opinion was drawing that weapon. >> i think he could have hamdzed it differently. i think he overreacted. we know he had a really tough day. the crowd was out of control. i don't think this should be an indictment of all police officers. that's what the left and the media is doing. we watch these minute long videos, and they think that they understand the entire situation, that they understand what was going on, what was going on in the minds of the police officer, and they try to apply that to all police officers. i think that's really unfair because these people put their lives on the line every single day to do work that we don't want to do. they're really dealing with the worst of the worst, and we should appreciate them. not continue to bring them down. >> when you are grumbling, your thoughts? >>
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>>. >> where was jesse jackson? he was in ferguson. where was the attorney general? he was in ferguson. they weren't in chicago. they weren't paying attention to what they should be doing. where was the reverend al sharpton? he was shooting his mouth off in ferguson. in other words you don't have responsible black leaders doing what they should be doing at the same time that you have police doing what they should be doing. >> here's the situation in baltimore. the fingers are being pointed at those cops. look what's going on in baltimore. murder and homicide in baltimore. last month broke a 40-year record. they may break another one in june. >> we're making people draw a line right? you either have to be black lives matter or blue lives matter. that's not true. all lives matter. the community really needs to
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come together. i was listening to an interview with bill bratton who was saying that the new york police officers they don't feel like they're respected anymore. juliany was on the o'reilly factor. we need real community work here. we need black leaders, police leaders. everyone to come together. we're going to have to do it eventually. >> we have to move on. this is important. while the pool party was a bunch of kids misbehaving, why are so many people acting like this. in this video we're about to show you, clearly parents are at least partly at fault. take a look at this two women beating the hell out of each other in a wall mart. one of their kids not only watching but helping beat one of the women up. now, watch. why is the american society -- does this shock you, this video? >> this really -- i don't like that kind of violence. it's gross. it's disturbing. i got to say, i think a lot of this has to do with family breakdowns bad structure. i think you look at people who have in their lives, maybe they had these kids young.
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they don't have any role model of what parent issing about, discipline authority. >> breakdown of family and authority. lack of values being taught to our young people. >> we're going to continue to roll it. you'll see people starting to gather. they're watching this fight happen. they're watching this brawl. >> they're laughing. >> they're laughing. they are watching a 6-year-old kid take a bottle of shampoo and whack one of the women with it. >> well i can't believe i'm going to say this but i actually agree with juan. you believe it's a breakdown of the family. no longer -- people no longer respect authority. this video is disgusting. the woman is encouraging her son to punch a woman, and that's pretty much why we have people who grow up and do these things. they learn it in the home. that video that we saw earlier at the pool party, it has a lot
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to do with personal responsibility too. we watch the video, and all we do is criticize the police officer, but no one talks about the role that average americans and citizens play in these videos. if you look at the kids i mean if it's a police officer is telling you to do something, you respect the police officer. you respect authority, but we don't talk about that. we just criticize the police officer and not individual actions. we should. >> it's gregtd progressively worse. it's not that we're seeing more of it because of cell phone cameras and what not, but i -- >> well these are individual things again. you can't make a whole statement about a culture when you look at one incident like this and then we in the media promote that. if you just concentrate on that and say, look this is what's wrong instead of taking in -- you are making a big mistake.
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>> number one, everyone shouldn't be a parent, and we shouldn't be incentiveizing people to be a parent when they shouldn't. >> i just want to add also that i think the point about cell phone culture is important here but also that we can hear a woman say that she would have gotten involved but she was afraid of a lawsuit. that's a big problem here. employees were told not to intervene. this went on eight minutes until the police showed up. the kid was running wild like that. >> i'm watching this video, and i'm heartbroken. look people are going to have arguments. they're going to fight.
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>> this child's life is in danger. there's two people fighting each other, and these people are sitting there laughing and almost encouraging them to continue fighting. that's not wrestling, you know wwf. >> want normal. >> the go to place for politics we're going to be engaging you for your opinions on the candidates and important issues facing america. this week's question who is the best presidential candidate to restore order to our crumbling culture in america? response with our _#. we'll read the results next week
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and maybe a tweet or two. coming up performing at college is no laughing matter. jerry seinfeld blasting millenials for being too pc. especially kids at universities. our liberal professors to blame? the king of sit comsigning up next.
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opinions about political correctness on college campuses. are funny guys like these on to something? >> i think he would be laughing at the fact that hollywood liberals are upset about political correctness because this is the -- this is basically the product of liberals. this is the monster that they've created. this is not millenials are but i'll stand up for them right now and say that this is bah of liberals in my parent's generation that have kolgdzed children and have basically told them to be perpetually offended. look at the colleges that millenials go to and the school that they go to? they basically are not free speech zones. they can't say anything without being disciplined. i think that it's my parents' generation the liberals. >> let's go to one of those. the comedy that is in michelle's parents' generation probably wouldn't go over very well in this generation. >> i don't think that's necessarily true. i think part of it is just what you said the pervasive part of college professors and all that talking about all we have to
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have equality and we have to have diversity, and we have to do all of these things. they were talking about there was a section from "all in the family" where archie bunker says to -- his son says to him, you got to understand that there's 13% of the people out there are black people. you couldn't put sanford and son on the air today. you couldn't put the jeffersons on the air today. red fox would be gone. you can't do that. now, why is that? why -- >> they're liberal. >> okay. >> so people are saying that and they -- we're not going to stand for this and they push back and i understand. they get their way. have we gone too far? pull up the full screen on something that ucla faculty has been told to avoid and recognize. it's called microaggressions on campuses. when you hear things like this
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america is the land of opportunity or everyone can see in a society if they work hard enough. jessica, this is -- these are academics being told if -- >> i think it's awful. we have to talk a few months ago about the fact that there were these uc campus that wanted the american flags taken down because students who are not originally from america were offend bid that and thought that it represented conquest. i mean completely ridiculous. >> i wonder how long he will have to sustain this? >> some of the things that comedians will say, boy, you are making apologies left and right. >> yeah because comedy is, eric on some level has to be disruptive. that's the whole point. it pokes fun at some thing, at
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someone. i don't think it's political correctness on campus. it really is multi-culturalism. propagated by all the professors. it's all the idea that we're all the same. no one can be judged. everyone is a victim. it shows you how bad it's become. >> you have written books on education. gone too far. too pc. >> what strikes me is we are so politically divided because of this kind of thing. everybody has their orthodoxys and it's not only liberals but it's also conservatives. some things you can't say. gosh don't say a word about the cops acting bad around here. i'm just telling you. >> oh no. >> the thing that aggravates me -- >> oh no. >> shut it down. >> i am on old enough to be your dad. when you defend millenials, don't attack my people.
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>> let me just finish this. you also have to deal with who is being mocked by comedy and a lot of times you make fun about women. you know what it's the powerful mocking the powerless, and i think on college campuses -- >> oh come on. >> how often do you hear -- >> white middle age aged men. you can't make fun of women. you can't make fun of anyone. >> you don't make fun of rich men in america. you don't make fun of people who control the media. >> it's not that funny. >> are you serious? >> did you hear that? >> we'll have to leave it there. >> before we go though, we would like it apologize if we said anything to offend anyone in this segment and anything we might say in the next two segments we apologize in advance.
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in the rental car biz. let's go, 'wheels'. rental car deals up to 40% off. sxwlirchlgts coming up the backlash after the breakout of two murderers. straight out of a hollywood movie. would this have happened if it was a private prison? we're putting all
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to arrive. >> obviously the first campaign roll-out had a couple of issues. there was the visit to chipolte and her campaign managers are really pitching this as a chance tore her to chance the narrative
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there there. every other event has had five six, eight, ten voters. there are thousands of people wrer are we are told there. this is a -- she has the teleprompter, and now we will listen to hillary clinton's first major campaign speech. [ chanting hillary ] >> thank you. oh, thank you, all. >> it is wonderful to be here with all of you, to be in new
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york with my family with so many friends, including so many new yorker who's gave me the honor of serving them in the senate for eight years. to be right across the water where i represented our country many times, to be here in this beautiful pash dedicated to franklin roosevelt's enduring vision of america. the nation we want to be and in a place with absolutely no ceiling. >> you know president roosevelt
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freedoms are a testament to our nation's unmatched aspirations and a reminder of our unfinished work at home and abroad. his legacy lifted up a nation and inspired presidents to follow. one is a man i served as secretary of state, barack obama. and another is my husband bill clinton. two democrats guided by -- that will make him so happy. they were and are to democrats guided by the fundamental
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american belief that real and lasting prosperity must be built by all and shared by all. rez roosevelt called on everyone to do their part and every american answered. he said there's no mystery about what it takes to build a strong and prosperous america. equality of opportunity, jobs for those who can work security for those who need it, the ending of special privilege for the few. [ cheering ] the preservation of civil liberties for all, a wider and constantly rising standard of
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living. that still sounds good to me. it's america's basic bargain. if you do your part, you ought to be able to get ahead. and when everybody does their part america gets ahead too. that bargain inspired generations of families, including my own. it's what kept my grandfather going to work in the same mill every day for 50 years. elts what led my father to believe that if he skrimped and saved, his small business printing drapery fabric in chicago could provide us with a middle class life. it did. when president clinton honored the bargain we had the longest peace time expansion in history,
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a balanced budget and for the first time in decades we all grew together. with the bottom 20% of workers increasing their income by the same percentage as the top 5%. when president obama honored the bargain, we hold back from the brink of depression saved the auto industry provided health care to 16 million working people and replace the jobs we lost faster than the historical average. it's not 1941. or 1993 or even 2009.
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we face new challenges in our economy and in our democracy. we are still working our way back from a crisis that happened because time-tested values were replaced by false promises. instead of an economy built by every american for every american we were told that if we let those at the top pay lower taxes and bend the rules, their success would trickle down to everyone else. [ crowd booing ] what happened? well instead of a balanced budget with surpluses that could have eventually paid off our national debt, the republicans twice cut taxes for the wealthiest borrowed money from
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other countries to pay for two wars and family income dropped. you know where we ended up. except it wasn't the end. as we have since our founding americans made a new beginning. you worked extra shifts took second jobs postponed home repairs. you figured out how to make it work. now people are beginning to think about their future again. going to college, starting a business buying a house, finally being able to put away something for retirement. so we are standing again, but we all know we're not yet running the way america should. you see ceos making large pay, but your paychecks have barely
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budged. you are working multiple jobs to make ends meet but you see the top 25 hedge fund managers making more than all of america's kindergarten teachers combined and often paying a lower tax rate. so you have to wonder when does my hard work pay off? when does my family get ahead? when? i say now. prosperity can't be just for ceos and hedge fund managers. democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations. prosperity and democracy are part of your


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